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Posted on: February 27th, 2014 by pbpayton

This toolbox is designed to provide guidance for the proper use and reproduction of UM logos, trademarks and images. In order to protect the integrity of the UM brand, strict adherence to these guidelines is required. Style guidelines governing the color, shape and size of the logo are found in the official UM Style Guide.


Anyone wishing to use any University of Mississippi trademark, image, or photograph used on any packaging (including hangtags, stickers), signage or product sold to the general public or to campus departments and organizations must obtain a license. In addition, promotional licenses must be obtained by companies or organizations wanting to associate with the University of Mississippi through any use of its trademarks. View current licensees: Please view this file by visiting


Kathy Tidwell, Manager,
P.O. Box 1848, 
Contractual Services Management, 
1111 Jackson Ave Center,
 University, MS 38677

Branding Items

A full guide to the official use, including logo colors, font and spacing, is available for download {link to the PDF of the UM Style Guide}. The rules govern the use of UM logos, trademarks and images on items intended for use including but not limited to letterhead, business cards, e-mail signatures, web pages, notepads, pens, notebooks, reference materials and more.

The preferred use of the UM signature is in its horizontal configuration. When necessary for spacing limitations, an approved vertical configuration is available. Images below may be downloaded for use that is in accordance with this guide, and with all required licensing, if necessary.

Except in rare circumstances, and then only with approval from Kathy Tidwell, the logo may not be altered in any way. If you have questions about logo usage for your needs, please contact Kathy Tidwell.

Crest-UM Horizontal

CrestUM-Horizontal_186_2767-TMR CrestUM-Horizontal_black-TMR CrestUM-Horizontal_PMS2767-TMR

Crest-UM Vertical



PMS186_crest Black_crestPMS2767_crest

Primary Vertical – No Stroke

stacked-no_stroke-blue stacked-no_stroke-bluebox stacked-no_stroke-red

Primary Vertical – Stroke

stacked-stroke_blue-redbkgd stacked-stroke_red-bluebkgd stacked-stroke_red-blueStroke

Primary Horizontal – No Stroke


Primary Horizontal – Stroke


Email Signature


Download instructions

Digital Letterhead Template


Download letterhead templates

PowerPoint Template


Download powerpoint templates

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