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The Communications team manages all media relations for the university and produces a wide range of print and digital communications, including news releases, newsletters, magazines, posters, advertising, social media campaigns and more. The team of communication specialists is skilled at helping campus partners determine the best way to make sure the desired audience is receiving important information.

Resources for campus

You can see the work produced by our team daily by visiting Ole Miss News (, or follow any of our very active social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others, or sign up for the RSS feed and have the news delivered straight to your email inbox.

To find out more about the tools available to campus partners or to begin working on a project with our team, contact Communications  at 662-915-7066.

For projects that need only to be printed, such as business cards and reprints of existing materials, contact our Printing team directly at 662-915-7066 or

Resources for journalists

University Communications is happy to help members of the print, broadcast and online media who would like information about the University of Mississippi. Links are available below for frequently requested information.

News releases

Visit the Ole Miss News page at for the latest news releases.

News, films and commercial photography

University Communications asks that those interested in taking photographs or filming the campus for commercial, movie or news purposes seek permission first. Contact us at 662-915-7066.


The university offers a wide range of experts who specialize in business, various scientific fields, health care, legal, higher education and other areas of study. To ensure quick access to the appropriate expert, contact us at 662-915-7066 or email us at


Members of the news media who wish to park on campus must have a parking permit and are asked to contact University Communications at 6622-915-7066 or email us at for a free pass.

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